What's On My Face Today

I picked up the blush while I was in Chicago last month. I was there for a conference so I was staying downtown, at a hotel on Michigan Avenue. The Walgreens there had one of those beauty departments that looked like it belonged in a department store, so I couldn't resist poking around. I'd never heard of the Girlactik brand before - it looks like they're an L.A. brand starting to get some traction at stores around the United States. I'll be keeping an eye out for more of their products because I love this blush.

The color looks fairly muted in the pan, but it's a bright pink on the skin. I tend to look for cool, bright pinks because of the way blush colors oxidize on me. The experience differs depending on what foundation/powder I'm wearing, but in general anything with a hint of a warm tone to it goes orange by day's end. You can see from the swatch that the pink looks a lot more natural once it's blended, and it stays rosy on me for at least eight hours. The texture is smooth and it blends so beautifully.

Unfortunately it looks like the shade I have, 'Havana', isn't available through their web site anymore. I might give 'Milan' a try next.

Unblended vs. blended, under bright lights

In the pan, where it does not appear to be as bright


And this is the reason I can't swatch on my inner wrist