What I'm Packing for Travel

I'll be in Europe for two weeks, and unlike past trips I've decided not to take half my collection! This is pared down from what I would usually bring, but I know I'll be picking up a lot of souvenirs along the way (and doing some shopping for local cosmetics) so I wanted to pack light. Note the cream blushes and liquid eyeshadows - I won't need to pack blush or eyeshadow brushes. My skincare for the trip will be a ragtag collection of samples, not worth cataloging - same with my fragrances (travel is a great time to take some chances and work through all those sample vials that have been piling up!).

Beauty News

I'm especially excited about that brow overview! Most of the products she covers are from luxury brands, but there are a few mid-range brands as well, and there are tons of swatches and gorgeous photos. This may not be so great for my wallet, though - I'm probably going to swing by Nordstrom this weekend and pick up one or two (I'm not sure if my local Nordstrom carries By Terry in-store, but I'm about to find out). I can't wait for Part II!