Disappointment: GlamGlow 'My Little Pony' Masks

Last month, GlamGlow came out with a limited edition set of masks in a partnership with Hasbro, featuring three of the My Little Pony characters. The masks use the same formula as their GravityMud Firming Treatment, but with gobs of glitter packed in.

There are three versions, with glitter colors corresponding to the character names - Princess Luna (black), Twilight Sparkle (purple) and Pinkie Pie (pink). The packaging includes a small rubber spatula for application, and you'll definitely want to use that unless you want glitter all over your hands.

I was hesitant about a lot of things, but ultimately the gimmick got to me and I, heh heh, ponied up $59 for the Pinkie Pie version.

I wish I had been able to sample it beforehand, and I definitely wouldn't buy it again. To be fair, I've never used the original GravityMud, so I don't know how they compare. I did not find the glitter mask to be that effective, though - only inasmuch as any peel-off mask is physically useful at pulling gunk from your pores.

And if all you want is that, you can do it for a lot less money.

What you're really paying for is the fun experience of having pink glitter all over your face, which, fine, maybe it's worth that much to some people?

But be warned that this mask might not be the best for sensitive skin. I felt a little bit of burning while it was on, and it left my skin with some redness (although that faded eventually once the mask was off). If you're determined to try this mask, do try to get a sample beforehand.

Also, be aware that the glitter in these masks is not biodegradable. GlamGlow gets around explaining that by urging users to peel off the mask and throw it into the trash instead of rinsing down the drain, but then it still ends up in a landfill doesn't it? That answer in their FAQ is a bit of a dodge, and, in fact, you won't find that FAQ on the GlamGlow site - I've only seen it in the description on the Sephora product page.

(Psst! Want some products infused with glitter that won't actually hurt the environment? Check out Sunshine & Glitter!)