My Favorite Beauty Bloggers

As I get my own blog up and running, I want to give a nod and a wave to some of the other beauty bloggers who've always inspired me. These women work so hard to bring the rest of us the latest reviews and information (and look like they have so much fun doing it!).

  • Makeup & Beauty Blog - Karen, the proprietress of Makeup & Beauty Blog, is one of those writers whose personality just jumps off the page. She seems like she'd be so much fun to hang out with, never takes herself too seriously, and makes me seriously homesick for the Bay Area when she talks about her home. She has great taste, is honest about what she thinks about products. Oh, and if that wasn't enough, there are sometimes cat pictures.
  • The Beauty Look Book is all about quality over quantity. That is to say, she doesn't publish that often. When she does, though, her honest reviews and thorough, well-lit swatches make it easy to see what colors and formulas might work for me. I always look forward to her posts, although I'm not sure I should - I always find myself tempted by the most gorgeous gorgeous high-end products.
  • Temptalia - Christine over at Temptalia runs her blog like a business. In fact, it is her business - she has a tech staff and everything! It shows in the comprehensive collection of swatches and comparisons she's built. If you hear about a new product and want to get an idea of how well it might work for you, visit Temptalia first - Christine has probably swatched it already. Another bonus is the engaged community she's built around the blog.
  • Hot and Flashy is actually a vlog on YouTube, part of a new wave of makeup artists celebrating mature women. It's so nice not to feel left out anymore! Angie has a charming, upbeat personality and has honest opinions about everything she reviews. And I, who thought I didn't have anything left to learn about makeup, have gotten so many new ideas and techniques from her!
  • The Non-Blonde - I do read a lot of fragrance blogs, but Gaia Fishler has the only absolute must-read on my list. Her love of scent brings out the poet in her, she really does have such a way with words. She only posts at most twice a month, but when she does write, I can count on being transported by her descriptions. And I've learned so much from her encyclopedic knowledge of the perfume world. Go, follow, you'll be glad you did.

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