Review: YesTo Tomatoes Peel Off Mask

I may be in my mid-40's, but I still struggle with mild breakouts from time to time. It can happen at any age - no matter how well you cleanse, you may still be subject to hormones and environmental factors that can lead to clogged pores.

Summer is the time I experience this the most - humidity leads to sweat which leads to salt and grime sitting on the surface of my skin which leads to the occasional angry red bump. Once the temperature gets above 80 degrees, I am never without the YesTo Tomatoes blemish clearing facial wipes. Those are infused with salicylic acid, an ingredient that helps to unclog pores. When the weather gets warm, I make them an occasional part of my nightly cleansing routine (like, once a week). (Hint: They're also great for obliterating the bacne that can be a part of what I like to call "the sweaty season".)

The mask doesn't have salicylic acid, but it does share another powerful ingredient - lycopene extract. Lycopene is one of those miracle ingredients that benefits skin in multiple ways. It's a powerful antioxidant, so it helps protect from sun damage and environmental factors. In turn, that helps prevent a whole host of things, like clogged pores (which lead to breakouts) and even the breakdown of collagen (which leads to wrinkles).

We think of lycopene as an ingredient that can be found in tomatoes, but it's also in a lot of tropical fruits like papaya, guava and mango. Eating those kinds of fruits will also be beneficial to your skin. But really, what's more fun than a mask? Especially a peel-off mask?

The peeling action in the YesTo Tomatoes Peel Off Mask is augmented by another ingredient we're seeing a lot of in skincare products lately - charcoal. Charcoal is getting popular because it attracts and absorbs foreign substances but is not metabolized by the body. Think of it as a dirt magnet, extracting oil and grime from your pores and lifting them away.

This mask has an applicator that I'm not in love with. The rubber tip has an opening in the center where the product comes out. I think that tip is meant to be used like a spatula, but I found it much easier to apply with my fingers. (Also: I squeezed and squeezed before realizing that the tip has an on/off setting - you have to turn it 180 degrees to 'ON' to get the product to come out.)

I left the mask on for about 15 minutes, although it was probably dry within 5. Afterwards, it peeled away pretty cleanly. The mask itself is a dark gray, so I couldn't literally see what was being pulled out of my pores, but afterwards my skin was so smooth. I'm not sure I've ever seen it cleaner.

I did feel a little dry afterwards, but that was probably to be expected. I should point out that I only applied the mask around my t-zone - across my cheeks, chin and nose - but tried to keep it away from some areas that are legitimately dry, like around my eyes and mouth.

As it happens, I've been dealing with a tiny breakout for the last few days. I used the mask last night, and today my skin is even and there's no evidence that there was ever a pimple there. If I were younger and more breakout-prone, I'd probably use this mask weekly, but as it is I'll probably only use it a few times a month over the summer. I think it's really great though! YesTo is really hitting it out of the park lately!

YesTo Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Peel-Off Mask

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