Today's Obsession: Beach Please from Fenty Beauty

Fenty's Beach Please collection dropped a few days ago, and the only product I ordered from it was one of the Killawatt highlighter duos - 7-Day Weekend/Poolside (metallic pink and violet). As gorgeous as all of the other highlighters and eye and lip products are, I feel like I'm a smidge too old to wear something that blingy and adventurous. In fact, I'm getting the highlighter duo to wear as an eyeshadow combo.

Today, though, I saw a couple of videos that have me rethinking my position, so I may go back and order the rest of the collection. Or at least a few more pieces.

I'm really loving the two pink-toned lip luminizers - Ready to Mingle (from Summer Daze) and Vaycray (from Summer Nights). The rest are probably out of my comfort zone. I wish they were packaged separately, because I really do not want to drop that money just to wear two out of the six shades. Everything else, though - the Island Bling eye shimmers and the other two foil highlighter sets - I think I could make work. Especially with that curved brush.

Take a look at these videos and see if they don't get you thinking about being a little more adventurous this summer!

The original promo for the foils from Fenty:

Sephora Pro makeup artist David and his model Elysse exploring the entire collection:

Style blogger Raye Raye trying out the same products in a few different ways:

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